Customized Consultation

Customized Consultation

Customized consultations with Mary Fortier Shea are meant to address your particular needs and preferences.

  • You might be a student with questions regarding interpretation
  • You might be a client with specific needs
  • You could be seeking a mid-year update regarding new issues or situations

The consultation can be anything you need it to be. You determine the focus and intention. I will contact you directly regarding your order and discuss the options before scheduling the session. Feel free to email me your detailed questions and concerns. This consultation generally includes studying your solar return, progressions, solar arcs, and transits.

This consultation starts at $200 for thirty minutes of phone, internet, or digital recording time. Cost also includes 30 minutes of preparation time. All charts are studied before the session begins so that I will be prepared to address your concerns. Additional minutes are pro-rated at $3.00 a minute.You control the length of the consultation beyond thirty minutes.

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Price $200.00